First building at Helleniko site to host four organizations serving people with special needs; construction begins in spring 2022

One of the first new structures at the iconic Helleniko property development in coastal southeast Athens – a project now billed as “The Ellinikon” by the concessionaire – won’t be one of six high-rise towers, luxury residences or even a shopping mall, but rather a complex to host four organizations serving people with special needs.

Construction for the new building at the 620-hectare site will begin in the spring of 2022, with a conclusion date in the first half of 2023.

According to Lamda Development, the entire project’s concessionaire, the building will be designed with the latest technological developments and with infrastructure able to accommodate with people with all types of special needs.

Nevertheless, in pointing to the veritable “mountain” of “red-tape” still plaguing the overall project, Lamda Development said more than 10 studies – including one on sustainable impact, another on the change of direction of underground drainage lines and even on the height of the building – were required by Greek bureaucracy.

Additionally, another round of contacts, cooperation and inter-departmental communication was required by more than a half dozen ministries, state services and utilities, including the underground metro operator.