Golden boy Antetokunbo – 4th best paid in the NBA – The amounts are awe inspiring

Everything he catches becomes gold. Giannis Antitokoumbo has conquered the world of the NBA and continues to cause admiration with his tremendous achievements.

From Philathlitikos and the difficult days when he was a child, now he is realizing all his dreams. In addition to his sport feats, he can also boast of his income. The amounts that Giannis has received are mythical. They surpass any imagination.

According to the well-known Forbes magazine, the “Midas” of the NBA will have revenues of 80.3 million dollars just in the 2021-22 season. Of these, 39.3 relate to his contract and 41 to earnings from ads, sponsors and so on.

What does all this mean? That Giannis Antitokoumbo is the 4th best paid player in the NBA.

Only Kevin Durand ($ 87.9 million), Steve Carey ($ 92.8 million) and LeBron James ($ 111.2 million) surpass the Greek giant.