Mubadala, Taneo join forces to finance Greek growth

Mubadala Investment Company has signed a deal with Greece’s New Economy Development Fund, known as Taneo, to create a 400-million-euro co-investment platform, the Abu Dhabi state fund said on Wednesday.

Under the agreement, Taneo and Mubadala will each contribute 200 million euros to invest in businesses with growth potential across key sectors of Greece’s economy, Mubadala said.

In the past, Mubadala has signed investment deals with state-linked funds in Russia and, most recently, France to invest in parts of those countries’ economies.

Greece’s economy has gradually rebounded from a recession that shrank the economy by a quarter.

Gross domestic product grew for a fourth straight quarter in October-December.

Established in 2001 by the Greek government, Taneo invests in venture capital funds, specializing in Greek small and medium size enterprises in the telecommunications, information technology, e-commerce, biotechnology, and new materials sectors.