Ellinikon – Experience Park opens – Operating hours

Today the largest seaside park in the world, the Experience Park opens as a part of the life of residents and visitors of the greater Athens area, with the delivery of the first seven-hectare area of ​​green and entertainment, an area of ​​about half the size of the National Garden.

This is a part of the Metropolitan Park, which is created in the context of the largest urban regeneration in Europe that takes place in the former area of ​​Ellinikon Airport, a park that when completed will be one of the largest in the world.

In this area, delivered by Lamda Development earlier than expected and just six months after the signing of the contract for Ellinikon, as the company announced, 500 trees and 55,000 plants of Mediterranean varieties were planted based on a design grounded in the biodiversity of the area.

The project has been designed and constructed in its entirety in accordance with the principles of sustainable development, marking a new, more environmentally friendly approach, from the collection of rainwater for water needs and the minimization of the use of pesticides and fertilizers to the utilization of existing materials. to create architectural elements such as benches and paths.

In the park, among others, there is a fountain with hundreds of water jets that create a unique choreographed show, an outdoor sports area, a playground with toys made in an environmentally friendly way and the Zen garden which is an oasis where the water element and Mediterranean flora dominate.

From today until January 9, at Experience Park, for the first time in Greece there will be two unique lighting installations creating a unique experience for visitors.

These are the Stalactite, an imposing installation, with very bright patterns, which are synchronized with music, with the signatures of the artists Christopher Bauder and Boris Divider and Helios, a lighting installation, designed by the Algorithm team that creates a landscape full of light , movement and rhythm.

A 17-meter-high Christmas tree has been placed in the Park, consisting of 180 real trees which will be given for reforestation after the end of the festive season, while the guests, as announced, can enjoy flavors from Akis Petretzikis, Elias Skoulas, Lukumades, OPSOPHY as well as ethnic proposals from Esteban and Falafeladiko, combined with other surprises.

The schedule

During the holidays (from today, December 20 to January 9, 2022) the opening hours are as follows: Everyday, Weekends and Holidays: 17:00 – 22:00 Experience Park is accessible, with free admission, from Vouliagmenis Avenue, very close to the Ellinikon Metro station.

For the convenience of guests, free parking is provided in the Park.

For the safety of visitors, the relevant procedures and recommendations adopted by the competent health authorities are followed.

The Metropolitan Park, in its completion will be the largest coastal park in the world, which will be open to the public and will be the core of the connection of the sea front with the mountain range of Hymettus and a very important and necessary green spot for the urban fabric of Athens.

At the same time that the Experience Park is handed over to the public, the works at the construction site of Ellinikon are in full development, which as announced by Lamda, is the largest construction site ever set up in our country, employing a large number of workers, with the use of state-of-the-art machinery, cranes and construction vehicles.

In a series of online presentations over the last four months, Lamda Development has provided details on the amount of investments and the schedules for the implementation of individual developments that have already been launched within the framework of the Ellinikon project, as well as the agreements that have already been concluded.

Mr. Odysseas Athanassiou, CEO of Lamda Development, stressed that: “Today is a special day for us. In record time, just six months after the acquisition of Ellinikon by Lamda Development – and much earlier than any expectation – we deliver our first project to the citizens. We had promised from the first moment that we would deliver a project that would benefit all citizens, without the taxpayer giving a single euro. We keep this promise. At everyone’s disposal, it is from today a green area of ​​70 acres with playgrounds, state-of-the-art venues for sports and plazas. A unique park that will grow day by day to become the largest park in Europe! Here, in the coming days, we will organize a number of events, both during and after Christmas, to which we invite everyone to come, to live the experience and make the Ellinikon part of their lives. Experience Park is the beginning of the journey.”

Source: ot.gr