Exports – Good yields for tangerines

The exports of mandarins/tangerines increased by 2.8%, with the demand being particularly increased both due to reduced production and in view of supplying the market for Christmas. At the same time, prices are still higher than last year. However, the Clementine variety harvest is expected to be exhausted prematurely.

For oranges, consumption in Western Europe has resumed. However, due to the increased sales of Spanish products, the prices of oranges are low.

“Unfortunately, this year in the productive areas of the Peloponnese there are phenomena of trafficking of informal citrus fruits (directly from the field) by” Balkan traders “, who do not have a tax representative and are not registered as they should in relevant registries without any control even during the current commercial period. This results in the displacement of healthy Greek export units from the markets of Romania and Bulgaria, with the consequence of discrediting Greek oranges and mandarins to the consumers of these countries”, comments the Incofruit Exporters Association.

Low rates for apples

The exports of apples continue at a low rate, which from 1 / 9-3 / 12/21 amount to 23,501 tons, according to the data of the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Vegetables Export, Handling of Fruits, Vegetables and Juices INCOFRUIT-HELLAS. During the corresponding period, apple imports amounted to 18,085 tons, of which 14,754 came from Northern Macedonia. It should be noted that their main export and import areas are Pella (exports 7,884 t. Imports 7,340 t.). and Imathia (exports 3,638 t. and imports 5,606 t.).

From 1/9/2021 to 3/12/2021 the cargo announcements were registered in the MENO for export-movement of kiwi, concerning 66,825 tons, of which 31,878 tons were directed to Italy (47.7% of exports).

The export of table grapes amounts to 59,349 tons, recording a decrease of 14.5%.

“The reduced production of winter fruits and vegetables, due to weather conditions, the lack of labor both at the stage of harvest and packaging combined with the cost of transport create problems in their normal commercial course”, comments the special advisor of Incofruit George Polychronakis.