Public-MediaMarkt – The new strategy rests on 4 main pillars

The new, ambitious strategy that focuses on its consumers and people was recently presented by Public-MediaMarkt, in a special event for the network managers and its executives. The strategy includes 4 central pillars and aims at the best shopping experience, while further supporting its people. With the central message “Better, every day, for you”, PMM implements the new strategy with significant investments and initiatives.

PMM CEO Robbie Bourlas said: “All these years, we have been working every day to become better for our PMM customers and people. The dynamics given by the two leading brands in the market, the renewed experiences we create, our multi-channel approach, new services and collaborations, but also the continuous investment in our people are just some of the things that differentiate us as the leading omnichannel retailer, in Greece and Cyprus. PMM is here, even better, even stronger, ready to create value for its consumers and people.”

Among the main pillars of the strategy is the logistics and last mile sector, which is strengthened thanks to new collaborations with transport companies and couriers, the strengthening of its fleet and the company’s state-of-the-art warehouse in Attica. PMM manages the largest range of the market, with over 1,000,000 products, according to a statement. With its investments and strategic planning, it already offers its customers 100,000 products with the possibility of same-day collection from the store of their choice and free delivery in 1-3 days throughout Greece, for orders over 35 euros.

By investing in new technological tools and services, PMM integrates the physical and digital points of contact with the customer. In Public stores, consumers can take advantage of services such as fast and contactless checkout and proceed with walk-in orders. In addition, online shopping is greatly facilitated, thanks to in-store pickup points, which give consumers the opportunity to receive their orders, in the way that best serves them.

In 2022 the already successful new store format that it has implemented in Greece and Cyprus will be expanded to the network, while in more and more Public stores home appliances will be added that complement the wide range of products they offer.

The successful implementation of PMM’s new strategy is based on its people. The company invests in the best talents, which is why in 2021 it gave opportunities for development to its people, while attracting renowned executives from the market, thus implementing its strategy, with a strong and highly experienced management team, the announcement concludes.